The Fire Element course June 8/9th

Summary by Rachel Parker Booth Earlier this month OmVed Garden’s hosted the second in a series of five profoundly enriching weekend workshops from Acupuncturist Lori Hillman. In an era of climate crisis the course content, which was underpinned by planetary health, was so poignant and the way in which Lori delivered her rich knowledge wasContinue reading “The Fire Element course June 8/9th”

Five Element Food Energetics

The Five Element Food Energetics weekend course at the beautiful OmVed Gardens in Highgate, last weekend in London was a wonderful event.  We had a weekend of sunshine, which meant we could go into the gardens to experience each of the elements in nature. We did qigong for each of the elements, guided visualisation, andContinue reading “Five Element Food Energetics”