Nourishing Life comes from the concept in oriental medicine of Yang Sheng,  that all life is one and nourishes one another, e.g. reciprocal maintenance of all things living. Each and every one of us is maintained by and maintains all life on our planet and our solar system within the cosmos. We have a responsibility to strive for understanding of what this symbiotic relationship actually means, so that we can take our place as conscious human beings participating in life and not against it.

Autumn 2022

Autumn of 2022 will see new courses in Five Element Food Energetics, Introductions to Permaculture and Mindfulness Meditation. the theory classes will be held in Gibraltar and the practical classes in a casa rural in the area of Jimena de la Frontera – Sotogrande.

Once I have set the dates and course details, I will post them here on my website. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me by email at info@lorihillman.com, or by WhatsApp on +34 678 101 724.

I am still offering my courses via zoom, either one to one or in a group.

  • Food Energetics – from soil to soul from the perspective of Chinese medicine
  • Five Element Diagnosis for personal health and mental wellbeing
  • Mindfulness Meditation one to one or in a group
  • Introducing Permaculture

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