September 2022

I am offering an exciting new course in Five Element and Food Energetics. For those who have done my basic course, this course is the next level. You will learn traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Five Element pathology so that you can make a full diagnosis beyond the general diagnosis of my 6 week course.

This 10 month course will start in September 2022 until July 2023. Theory classes will take place in Gibraltar and practical learning and application will be held one weekend a month at a casa rural in the San Martin – Jimena area.

I will still be running 1 day and weekend workshops and my 6 week course in Five Element Food Energetics. Please enquire for dates and details.

Please contact me by email at

WhatsApp or phone me on +34 678 101 724. for all enquiries.

Published by lorihillman

I am qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture. I teach Food Energetics according to the principles of Chinese medicine. I teach Mindfulness meditation having been a resident student at the International Academy for Continuous Education with the Venerable Bhante Darmavara Mahathera in 1973/74. I also studied with J.G.Bennett who was one of the founding fathers of holistic science, environmentalism and health at Sherborne House in Gloucestershire, a Fourth Way school under his direction with the Institute for the Comparative Studies of History, Philosophy and the Sciences. I teach courses and run retreats incorporating all the above.

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