Five Elements

Zahara de los Atunes beach walking meditation

Five Elements, Pattern and Process.

The study of our pattern of physiological and emotional health according to the principles of  oriental medicine.  The Five Elements is the study of health within the context of nature i.e. living within the seasons, eating seasonally for health,  our 24 hour clock or how not to waste our energy.  You will learn how to work with your pattern and not against it!   This is run as a course and as an introductory workshop which includes Food Energetics – how to use food as medicine.

The Five Elements has its roots in Taoist medicine.  The Five Elements are also called the Five Phases because they are the continuous ebbing and flowing of energy or Qi which governs our physiological function, emotions, our life cycle from birth to death, lunar cycles, and the life force of all living organisms of the Earth within our solar system.  It is a fascinating and sophisticated science that unlocks a key to our higher perception and awareness that we can govern our own destiny.

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