Food Energetics

It’s growing on our doorstep

Food Energetics.   Consultation in clinic or online.                  

Whether you are a mum or dad or a granny, chef or nutritionist, the diagnostic information I will teach you is enough to start using food medicinally for everyday health and wellbeing. You will gain understanding about the energetics of how a plant grows, the energetics of the different cooking methods and the most beneficial times of the day for digestion. Food Energetics is a ‘new‘ ancient food wisdom that will empower you to use food as medicine!

How it works:

I take a full case history from you about your health past and present, your diet, and lifestyle.   You will be given a food journal to be kept daily for one week.  I then make an assessment, prepare a food plan according to Five Element Food Energetics and go through the food plan with you.  Foods will be included in your diet to help maintain a stable metabolism and to address your health issues through the medicinal use of seasonal food.  I will work with you for one year giving you a new food plan at the beginning of each season and you will be provided with seasonal recipes to inspire your new approach to nutritional health! 

Food Energetics is as much a course as it is personal support to improve your own health and wellbeing. You will be able to apply the knowledge of Food Energetics for your family and friends.

Cost:  £320. 

This includes your initial consultation, a personalised 12 month food plan, 5 seasonal information packs with recipes for your health needs, ongoing mentoring and support for 1 year via Skype, phone or email.

Food Energetics is the oriental science of using food as medicine. Wisdom handed down to most oriental families over hundreds of generations – the art of how to protect and treat one’s family with herbs and seasonal foods.

Oriental medicine recognises a ‘climate’ within the human body and when out of balance, depending on lifestyle, diet, overwork or stress, a person may develop too much Heat in their system as with irritable bowel, acid reflux, migraine, high blood pressure etc.  This person will benefit by eating the more cooling foods, such as vegetables with a higher water content that grow above the ground, like cucumber, salads, courgettes, celery etc. These have an energetically cooling effect and therefore anti inflammatory.  We also take into account the method of cooking which should be  neutral to cooling by steaming, boiling and stir fry.  This is an example to show we take into account the difference between root veg and veg that grows above the ground as well as the method of cooking.  Nature provides all we need and it works. I have prescribed onion soup, mushrooms cooked with ginger and turmeric for persistent, chronic coughs and colds and seen them banished from my patients lives.

Shots to energise, shots to relax
Autumninal lunch
Food Energetics is served
It’s all about green

Follow the link above to see Lori with health supportive chef Vicky Bishop for their tv programme on Food Energetics.

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