Five Element Food Energetics

29ED4341-7AB4-4C19-B95E-6FA4C5F23D5EThe Five Element Food Energetics weekend course at the beautiful OmVed Gardens in Highgate, last weekend in London was a wonderful event.  We had a weekend of sunshine, which meant we could go into the gardens to experience each of the elements in nature. We did qigong for each of the elements, guided visualisation, and made a connection with the nature of OmVed Gardens, an incredible five acre site in the centre of London, which is establishing itself as an educational centre with a focus on our relationship with and our understanding of food.

We arrived and were greeted by executive chef Arthur Potts-Dawson and his smiling, caring team in the kitchen to a delicious breakfast buffet starting with turmeric lattes and they continued to keep us hydrated with lavender shots to calm the nervous system,  ginger, date and horseradish to wake us when our energy dipped. The amazing lunches were prepared according to our Five Element theme of Food Energetics.  Arthur seemed to intuitively know what seasonal foods and flavours to choose and combine making it easy and a real joy for me to explain their Energetics within the season of autumn.

I will be giving my next weekend course at OmVed Gardens in February, and a series of courses will follow throughout 2019.  The Five Element Food Energetics course is also planned for Gibraltar, dates to be confirmed.

Published by lorihillman

I am qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture. I teach Food Energetics according to the principles of Chinese medicine. I teach Mindfulness meditation having been a resident student at the International Academy for Continuous Education with the Venerable Bhante Darmavara Mahathera in 1973/74. I also studied with J.G.Bennett who was one of the founding fathers of holistic science, environmentalism and health at Sherborne House in Gloucestershire, a Fourth Way school under his direction with the Institute for the Comparative Studies of History, Philosophy and the Sciences. I teach courses and run retreats incorporating all the above.

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